Bear Tattoo Meanings for Men and Women

Since bears are remarkably big and strong animals, you would more often see one tattooed on a male rather than a female body. Guys usually prefer to depict these creatures on their chests, backs, shoulders or arms. Girls generally opt for cute pandas, koalas or Teddy bears as well as adorable bear paws.

In real life, bears are rather calm and do not attack humans or other animals unless they approach their cubs. Yet if the cubs are under threat or you show aggression towards the bear itself, the animal would become furious and rip the offender to shreds. So the most typical emotion of the bear is protectionist anger.

For Women

The bear tattoo meaning for ladies is connected with maternity and taking care of the beloved ones. With the help of this image, women accentuate their connection with nature, desire for continuous spiritual growth as well as the ability to heal physical and emotional wounds.

For Men

The traditional male meaning of such a tattoo would be courage, resistance, endurance and nobility. Bears live alone and do not form packs. They are absolutely self-sufficient and never suffer from loneliness. A guy who opts for a bear tattoo does not rely on society too much — instead, he counts on his own strength.

Polar Bear

Do you know why so many Christmas advertising campaigns feature a polar bear? Because this animal is famous for its exceptional devotion to its cubs. The Eskimos can not stop admiring the polar bear’s hunting skills, while the indigenous peoples of the Arctic believe it to be the earthly incarnation of the Great Spirit, Tuurngasuk. If you make such a tattoo, it would epitomize love, care, wisdom, authority and resourcefulness.

Black Bear

This animal embodies the warrior spirit and is famous for its battle skills. If you place such a tattoo on your forearm, where people can easily see it, it will let them know that you can stand up for yourself. Please mind that black bears are not synonymous with Grizzly — the latter are grey and more associated with hunting rather than fighting.

California Bear

In 1846 American settlers took control of the Mexican garrison, Sonoma. After that, the California Bear was put on the state’s flag. This flag was heavily used in the Mexican-American War (1846-1848). Consequently, the bear started to symbolize freedom and independence.

Grizzly Bear

Such a tattoo would be typical of Native Americans. In their tribal legends, grizzly spirits conduct the souls of dead warriors into the afterlife. Otherwise, this bear stands for strength and hunting skills.

Panda Bear

In Chinese culture, the panda is the living epitome of the Yin-Yang symbol because of the black and white patterns on its fur. An image of this cute animal on your body would bring you balance, harmony and good luck. Panda is a protected animal — so if you make such a tattoo, it would emphasize how sensitive and fragile you are.

Koala Bear

Koalas are friendly and easy-going. Such a tattoo would stand for wisdom, protection, calmness and connection to Earth. In the legends of the Australian aborigines, koalas keep the Earth’s memories. They allegedly crawled out from the depths of our planet to spread wisdom and knowledge among humans. After their mission was over, they took to the trees to keep observing people.

Teddy Bear

Of all the bear tattoos, this one is the most popular among girls. A Teddy bear stands for love, innocence and affection. It looks especially cute when depicted on a young lady’s hand. However, when the girl grows older, such a tattoo might seem too childish.

Celtic Bear

Such a tattoo represents the strong connection of its owner with the elements of nature. It stresses your Irish roots or your interest in the spirituality and paganism of the Celts. Plus, this bear serves as the earthly embodiment of lunar energy.

Deer and Bear

The combination of these two animals reflects the duality of human personality. On the one hand, you highlight the fact that you are peaceful and sensitive. You appreciate beauty and elegance. On the other hand, if someone disturbs you, you would be able to defend yourself and people from your closest circle. Yet no matter how you change, you value freedom and independence above all.

Bear and Wolf

Both these predators are strongly associated with solitude and self-sufficiency. When you put both of them on your chest or back, it accentuates your ability to overcome any difficulties without outside assistance. At the same time, you let others know that you can collaborate with them if needed. You will be a loyal and reliable partner — but only in case, they do not breach your privacy.

Bear and Mountain

Such a tattoo would be normally seen on a guy’s shoulder. It shows that the person is committed to their principles and beliefs. Nothing can move a mountain, except for an earthquake. Yet the mountain lacks dynamics, while a bear is free to move wherever it wants. So these two complement each other: the mountain doubles the strength of the animal while the bear adds mobility to inanimate nature.

Walking Bear

If you place such an image on your leg, arm or elsewhere on your body, people will appreciate your purposefulness. This bear tattoo meaning is connected with hunting, looking for new opportunities and pursuing one’s goals. It shows that you are steadfast, consistent and eager to overcome any challenges.

Bear Head

The head of a roaring bear serves as a warning to the surrounding people. Even if you might seem reserved and quiet at first glance, you can be proactive or even fierce, when circumstances compel. If the animal is not roaring, the tattoo would let the others know that you are powerful yet good-natured and possess a lot of wisdom in addition to physical strength.

Grateful Dead Bear

“History of the Grateful Dead: Volume One (Bear’s Choice)” is the name of the music album by the Grateful Dead band that saw light in 1973. Its back cover artwork was created by Bob Thomas. The funny figure was inspired by Owsley “Bear” Stanley, who wrote and produced the album. The release turned out to be a success and reached #60 on the Billboard’s Top 200. Such a tattoo on your body would pay homage to rock music of the 20th century. Yet many youngsters opt for the Grateful Dead Bear without realizing the context, simply because it looks amusing.

Bear Paw

The profound spiritual meaning of such a tattoo is evolution, progress, constant growth. A bear paw on a female body stands for gentle strength, morale and the joy of maternity.

Bear Claw

Such a tattoo represents stability and at the same time mobility. It means that you are constantly moving forward while retaining your best properties. A bear claw brings luck to those who are looking for power, wisdom and prosperity.

Hopefully, this information was useful and now you have a better vision of the bear tattoo meaning. Bears look stunning and epitomize multiple positive qualities. Probably, after getting such a tattoo, you will feel more confident and enjoy greater success in all your spheres of activity.