In the modern world, tattoos are gaining popularity every day, statistically, every fifth American has a tattoo. But the discussion surrounding tattoos goes on. Many people who adhere to Christianity reject tattoos because it allegedly contradicts their religion.

What the Bible Says About Tattoos

Let’s turn to the primary sources, to the Bible. First and foremost, we should comprehend the important fact that the Bible is an interpretation that each person discerns in his way, either literally, or giving his significance. Rivals of tattoos allude to:

“You shall not make any cuts on your body for the dead or tattoo yourselves: I am the LORD” — Leviticus 19:28.

But are we interpreting it correctly? Let’s find out it. The background to this saying is that Canaanites lived near Israel, who cut and slash their bodies for ritual objectives, especially to grieve their deceased and worship their fictional gods. This was especially popular among Canaanite women, who tattooed their bodies, this was due to fertility. In this way, women tried to secure future childbirth by applying various symbols on their bodies as a tribute to the fictional gods. From this, we can assume that God prohibited the creation of idols for himself, worship of other gods, and heresy of his body, and not a tattoo in the form in which we know them today.

Bible Leviticus


It is worth mentioning that the word «tattoo» itself did not exist in English until the 18th century. Also, modern methods of tattooing did not exist at the time of the writing of the Bible, the technology of tattooing has changed a lot since the first methods of body markings. Tattoos don’t negate religion. There is not a single quote in the Bible that says that it is sinful and unreasonable to inject ink under the skin to create drawings and inscriptions.

Is Getting a Tattoo a Sin?

Many people wonder if it is a sin to tattoo on your body. Let’s discover it. Among advanced Christians, there is a strong belief that there is no such ban on modern tutoring. Why? As they confirm their teaching by the fact that the passage mentioned in Leviticus was written in the Old Testament. Christians adhere to the New Testament, in which there is no mention of the modern interpretation of tattoos. But If you are a true Christian who is keeping up with the times and thinking about inking a particular symbol or image, you should think it over carefully. Remember — God cares much more about our hearts than about how we look. And now it may sound shocking to you, but even Jesus himself had a tattoo on his body, this is stated at:

«And on His clothes and on His thigh is written a name: King of Kings and Lord of Lords» — Revelation 19:16.

Can Orthodox Christians and Catholics have Tattoos?

What about Orthodox Christians? Notwithstanding there are no official prohibitions on tattoos, God persuasively insisted that the ancient Israelites did not turn to pagan methods of worship as the prototype of a tattoo. Because the Bible said that our body is not our own, but rather God’s temple (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). And since our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, we must treat them with respect and love. However, you shouldn’t worry that you won’t be able to become a Christian, if you already have tattoos, the Lord is always ready to accept you.

Christianity and Tattoos

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We figured out whether Orthodox Christians, but what about Catholics? Many priests convince that the Catholic Church is loyal to tattoos, there are no high-profile prohibitions, it is not sinful for Catholics to get a tattoo. But if you want to decorate your body this way, you need to rely upon the fact that they reflect our values, with which we personify ourselves. It is important not to get obscene, rude tattoos, especially those related to Satanism, think carefully about which part of the body you want to decorate in this way. If you have tattoos all over your body, you should ponder what you are trying to say when you make so many marks on your body.

Can we go to Heaven with Tattoos?

By studying the Bible and other holy teachings, we can say that having tattoos will not prevent you from going to heaven. If, of course, you are very worried that this will become an obstacle to finding eternal peace, then you can always reduce the tattoos. Remember the main thing — it is not tattoos that should worry you, but your faith and righteous actions. Your faith is the only way to save any person and go to heaven is sincere faith in Jesus.

Can Priests Get Tattoos?

What about the ministers of the church? Can they conduct a priesthood if their body is in tattoos? Doesn’t this contradict religion? In the Christian church, there is no clear indication that church ministers are prohibited from getting tattoos, especially if it is a small, inconspicuous tattoo. It often happens that men get tattoos before entering the seminary. But having a tattoo does not prohibit being a priest, here the main thing is faith and desire.

Can Priest Get Tattoos


But at the same time, some religious priests sacredly serve their religious orders, then having tattoos can be a problem for them. Why? Because such priests usually take three vows: obedience, chastity, and poverty. And if the senior Abbott deems the tattoos inappropriate, he can forbid the priest to fill t, and the tattoos, the priest, in turn, is obliged to obey his exceptional. Also, the opinion of the society is very important for the priest, since he preaches to the society, instructing on the true path. If tattoos cause a negative reaction from society, then the priest will lose their trust.

Summing up, remember that only you have the right to make a decision — this applies only to you and God.