If you want to get a tattoo, then you should think about how this will affect your work and career in the future. Often, workers face discrimination based on having tattoos on their bodies. Is it so? Let’s figure it out!

Can You Get a Job if You Have Tattoos?

Previously, people looked with apprehension at people with tattoos, considering them impulsive and hindsight. But times are changing, 40% of young people in the USA have at least one tattoo, and companies are becoming more open to tattooed professionals. Therefore, getting a job with tattoos is not that difficult, the chances are almost equal. Having non-visible tattoos doesn’t affect your career or job prospects.

Can an employer refuse you for inscription in ink on your face? Can you get a job with a tattoo on your face or wrist? Of course, you can. Creative industries are always open for you, welcome the presence of tattoos. For example, you can work musician, piercer, makeup artist, architect, stylist, singer, painter, hairstylist, designer, etc.

Teatcher with Forearm Tattoo


What Kinds of Tattoos Make Finding a Job Difficult?

The job interview may not go as well as you’d like due to the overly visible tattoos. Tattoos on your face, neck, hand, the wrist can prevent employers from hiring you. What exactly is depicted on your body is very important, because some tattoos are sexy, obscene, or terrifying. Especially if nudity, death, violence, blood, swearing, racism inscriptions are depicted.

Why do Employers Care About Tattoos?

Often employers worry about having tattoos for a job where most of the process takes place in working with the client. Even if the employer has nothing against tattoos, tattoos can cause a bad reaction from buyers, on whom the company’s profit depends. Much more tattoos that promote racism or hatred will lead to a career stain.

Because of the stereotypes, an employee with tattoos may be considered unprofessional. To look more professional in job interviews, you should cover up your tattoos, put on some subtle makeup, and wear more formal clothing. You should not hide the fact that you have tattoos if you are asked about it. Demonstrate your professionalism and alternative thinking, then you are guaranteed success.

In Which Government Job Tattoo is Allowed?

There are some government jobs, in which tattoo is allowed. For example, you can work as a:

  • Clerk;
  • Scientist;
  • Probationary officer in banks;
  • Nutritionist;
  • Laboratory technician;
  • Engineering services.

What Jobs don’t Allow Tattoos?

In some cases, tattoos can ruin job opportunities, because there are several professions that you might not get with tattoos. In some jobs, you will always need to cover the tattoos while working, and sometimes tattoos are completely prohibited.

Law enforcement officers

There is a stereotype in our society that only criminals get tattoos. Therefore, police officers with visible tattoos may not be credible. However, you can see police officers with tattoos on the streets. What’s more, one of our Instagram followers works for the police with a screaming “Fuck the police” tattoo.

Law Enforcement Officer with Tattoos


Medical workers

Many healthcare professionals are not allowed to have tattoos because they work with patients. Often, prohibitions are spelled out in corporate hospital policies. But at the same time, many of our subscribers work in the healthcare sector with tattoos (these are nurses, dentists, and even physiotherapists).

Doctor with Tattoos



The profession of a teacher is very specific because a teacher is a role model, students often follow an example from them. Therefore, due to stereotypes of society, the presence of tattoos can show unprofessional.

Why do Employers Care About Tattoos



Have you seen stewardesses with tattoos? Hardly, because we expect that the flight attendants will look professional and strict. But you can get a tattoo in places that can be hidden under the uniform.

In Which Government Job Tattoo is Allowed



What about the army?. You’ve probably seen employees with full sleeves or at least one tattoo? Often these are patriotic-style tattoos associated with service. But at the same time, tattoos contradict the Unified Code of Military Justice. Although tattoos are prohibited, some branches of the military have lighter rules, but you will need to cover up your tattoos.

Army Tattoos



One of the professions where tattoos can become an example of “unprofessionalism” is working in a bank. Why? Because the bankers in our presentation must have a strict, smart, and professional look, and tattoos do not fit here.

Office Worker with Tattoos


Work in government

Having a visible tattoo can be a hindrance to working in government. Since government work provides for a large number of norms and standards, the rules also apply to the appearance of workers. But if you want to work in government and want to get a tattoo, then just make non-visible tattoos.

Is it Legal to Discriminate Against Someone Because They Have a Tattoo?

Of course, in the USA, protection against discrimination due to tattoos is spelled out in the Constitution, but unfortunately, it is not protected at the federal level.

We all know that employers cannot discriminate against you based on gender, age, race, nationality. But employers still discriminate against tattoos. And they are entitled to this because no laws are prohibiting not hiring people with visible tattoos and dyed hair. They may feel that your appearance will intimidate or offend customers, and they can quote corporation rules that prohibit visible tattoos.

Which Cities and States Are the Most Tattoo-Friendly?

What cities have a good attitude towards tattoos? The most progressive states where people are best treated – tattooed people – are:

  • California;
  • Colorado;
  • Montana.
Tattoos and Job


It is worth noting that states such as Washington D.C., Madison Wisconsin, Santa Cruz, Urbana Illinois not only treat tattoos well, but it is even forbidden here to discriminate against people in appearance, including visible tattoos.

But the prejudice against tattooed people can be found in Florida, Oklahoma, and South Carolina.

Having Tattoos Can Help You Get a Job?

Sounds a little absurd, but having a tattoo can help you find a job. Given the fact that one in five Americans has at least one tattoo on their body, recruiters and company executives who discriminate against tattooed workers are likely to be at a competitive disadvantage compared to the most qualified employees. What’s more, discrimination in appearance can turn out to be a bad reputation for a company. But it’s not just that the popularity of tattoos is growing day by day. Companies have finally realized that they can overlook talented candidates just because they opted for body art.

Let’s hope that discrimination at work due to tattoos will become a relic of the past, there will be more job prospects, and companies will become more open and appreciate the professionalism in people, rather than judge the book by the cover.