Are you an African American? Been wondering what tattoo design could help you look even more attractive to the opposite gender? Here are some ideas of stunning color tattoos on dark skin!

1. Ganesha Leg Tattoo. Oh my God, isn’t it super sexy? This tattoo will look good on gorgeous curvy girls.

2. Colorful Tattoo with Fruits, Flowers, and Leaves. Looks very nice on this black person’s neck! Great for both girls and guys.

3. Bright Sphynx Cat Tattoo. Definitely original. For beautiful and bold ladies!

4. Blue-eyed Tiger Hiding in Leaves. This tiger eye is so eye-catching! Who wouldn’t wanna get such an awesome tattoo?

5. Colorful Tiger Profile Tattoo. Ideal for confident guys who like the oriental style.

6. Iron Man Tattoo on Dark Skin. Looks absolutely perfect on this guy’s shoulder. We bet it will look even better on yours!

7. Black Person Leg Tattoo. This sly look is as mysterious as Mona Lisa’s smile!

8. Tiger Face with Flowers and a Gem. This amazing design will look perfect on both male and female arms.

9. Cute Little Animal. This little cutie is so precious! Gotta love the bright colors of the leaves and the necklace, too!

10. Surprised Girl Reading a Book. A very unusual tattoo idea for sure. God only knows what book that girl is reading, she looks pretty shocked!

11. Wolf, and Liberty Statue Tattoo. Very attention-grabbing! This tattoo will look great on black men.

12. Landscape Rib Tattoo. Ribs are the best place for a secret tattoo. This design looks perfect on black skin.

13. African Woman Tattoo. This tattoo looks very exotic. For black people who remember where they came from.

14. Colored Octopus Tattoo. A very interesting idea – one can spend hours and hours contemplating this tattoo. It’s quite gender-neutral, too.

15. Black Boy with a Stick Tattoo. His clothes resemble those of Buddhist monks. And his hairstyle is adorable!

16. Astronaut on the Rocket Forearm Tattoo. An astronaut riding a rocket. That’s just wild!

17. Lilies Shoulder Tattoo. Incredibly stunning and colorful! Perfect for ladies.

18. Purple Flowers Tattoo on Dark Skin. It looks so sweet. This tattoo is ideal for romantic girls.

19. African Woman and Sunflowers Sleeve Tattoo. Gorgeous design for gorgeous black women. But a man can also get this tattoo, why not?

20. Blue-eyed Tiger with Spikelets. This colored ink will look great on black skin!

21. Red Flowers Full Sleeve Tattoo. Wow, wow! This fantastic design will help any black person stand out from the crowd!

22. Starlight Sky Tattoo. Looking at this beautiful design, we just keep asking ourselves: what could be better than color tattoos on dark skin?

23. Big Red Wing Tattoo. What a unique idea! These orange and red feathers will look awesome on very dark skin.

24. Woman Profile, Skull, Roses, and a Dove. Do you want to attract attention when at the beach? Then this tattoo is for you!

25. Fierce Tiger Face Tattoo. Ideal for strong and powerful black men.

26. Mandala Shoulder Tattoo. This design looks very spiritual, romantic, and tender at the same time. Perfect for young girls.

27. Pomegranate Leg Tattoo. This breathtaking multi-colored tattoo looks so juicy and yummy. Makes you wanna eat a pomegranate!

28. Scrooge McDuck with Money Bag. Scrooge McDuck looks angry here… Looks like someone is trying to take some cash away from him!

29. Ganesha and “You’re Fine” Quote Tattoo. Whenever your friends see this tattoo on your forearm, they will know everything’s gonna be alright. So reassuring.

30. Rocket in the Sky Arm Tattoo. Another great tattoo design idea for black people. It looks really stunning!

31. Flowers and Coffee Cup Tattoo. A motivational quote, a simple and nice tattoo design on – exactly what you’ve been searching for.

32. Hot Air Balloon Thigh Tattoo. So many amazing colors! Perfect for girls who want to emphasize the beauty of their bottoms and thighs.

33. Colorful Egyptian Back Tattoo. Egyptian pharaohs face hidden in flowers and leaves that cover half your back.

34. Sun, Bird, and a Boy with a Sword. Very creative. For guys who want to show their uniqueness!

35. Yellow and Red Flower Tattoo. Definitely for ladies only! So cute and romantic.

36. Spaceman in the Sky. This sky in pastel color tones is very nice. The tattoo will look good on men.

37. Two Men Smoking Thigh Tattoo. An extraordinary tattoo design idea that is perfect for sweet girls.

38. Black Woman Face. She’s so cute. Just look at this tattoo, it will lift your mood in a blink of an eye!

39. Skull with Paintbrush and Pencils Tattoo. A very interesting tattoo design idea. Your friends will be amazed!

40. Girl’s Face, Flowers, Praying Mantis. Nice design, but that girl looks a bit sad. Maybe it’s because a praying mantis has landed on her back?

41. Black Woman Hiding in Flowers Thigh Tattoo. Those red nails are very beautiful, too!

42. Blue and Purple Lotus Flower Back Tattoo. It will look very good on a lovely girl’s back.

43. Elegant Dreamcatcher on Dark Skin. That eye looks so mysterious. Look out!

44. Sun, Virgin Mary, Roses Tattoo. We think it will look amazing on very dark skin. Do you agree?

45. Half Black Panther-half Man Face. A superhero and a black guy’s face, some flowers. It’s very original for sure, isn’t it?

46. Egyptian Style Back Tattoo. Oh, and camels, too. Does bring back memories of your vacation in Egypt! Or maybe you just like ancient Egyptian culture… In both cases, this tattoo is perfect for you.

47. Lion Leg Tattoo. The royal animal’s face and mane will look just so gorgeous on your forearm. You should get this tattoo!

48. Rose and Sun Tattoo. It looks so masculine. Ideal for African American men who know their worth!

49. Black Woman Eye and Flowers Sleeve Tattoo. This design is so great. All these colors will definitely embellish any lady’s arm and forearm.

50. Beautiful Bird Thigh Tattoo. All the colors of the rainbow are here! For special girls only.

Aren’t these color tattoos on dark skin great and awesome? You’re spoiled for choice now! Share these images with your friends, they will help you choose the best tattoo for you. They will probably want to get one of them, too!