Crow Tattoo Meanings for Men and Women

In most cultures, a crow symbolizes mortality, dark supernatural forces and the connection between our world and the realm of the deceased. However, the traditional crow or raven tattoo meaning would be largely positive. Such a tattoo would suit people who enjoy reflections and philosophy, do not mind being alone and value every second of their existence.

Crow Tattoo Meaning for Men

In real life, crows and ravens are outstandingly smart. Unlike the majority of birds and animals, they have strategic thinking that helps them to efficiently solve complicated problems. They can even recognize their reflection in the mirror, which is not typical of most other living creatures. When guys tattoo this bird on their chests, arms or legs, they usually want to highlight their intellect and spirituality. They value these qualities much more than physical strength and dexterity.

Big Crow Chest Tattoo


Raven Tattoo Meaning for Women

In the Middle Ages, crows together with black cats and spiders were the three living attributes of witchcraft. Today, such a tattoo on a female body would emphasize the lady’s interest in the mysteries of the universe and the depths of the human soul. Plus, it might reflect one’s affection to the Gothic culture, especially to the heritage of Edgar Allan Poe.

Crow Women Tattoo


Black Crow

The profound meaning of the black crow differs depending on the culture. Europeans perceive it as an omen of doom. For Chinese people, it is a solar symbol and an epitome of family affection. In Japan, the black crow is regarded as a messenger of the gods. In the legends of the North American tribes, this bird was the trickster — that is, the owner of secret knowledge.

Black Crow Leg Tattoo


White Crow

The white version of this bird stands for loyalty. In Greek mythology, Apollo asked the white crow to take care of Coronis when he had to leave for Delphi. Coronis was carrying Apollo’s child, which did not prevent her from cheating on him with Ischide. The bird did not report the incident, so the enraged God painted its feathers black as a punishment.

White Crow Wrist Tattoo


Skull and Crow

Both the crow and the skull remind us of mortality as well as the mystery of life and creation that goes far beyond human understanding. However, one should not be sad about it. Such a tattoo also hints at the eternity and freedom of our soul. It suggests that one should accept their fate to reach freedom and get closer to understanding the forces of the universe.

Crow Skull and Cross Tattoo

Wolf and Crow

Crows and ravens are smart and strong predators that are considered to be analogs of wolves among birds. Being self-sufficient and resourceful, they sometimes play tricks on other living creatures who are weaker and not as intelligent as them. Such a tattoo means that one prefers solitude to company and is constantly self-improving spiritually and intellectually.

Crow and Wolf Tattoo Sleeve


Crow and Butterfly

The combination of these two symbols is synonymous with the Latin idiom “Carpe Diem”, which means “Enjoy the moment”. The butterfly accentuates the transience of human life while the crow hints at mortality. However, this is not a call to frivolity. It means that one is mature enough to savor every second of life without being reckless.

Raven and Butterfly Back Tattoo


Crow and Clock

This crow tattoo meaning is nearly identical to the previous one. The clock is ticking, and with each second, we make one step closer to death. But instead of feeling stressed, we should exercise our consciousness and value every moment. This tattoo might look solemn but in fact, it encourages optimism and proactiveness.

Crow and Clock Tattoo for Men


Crow and Moon

One would often see such a tattoo on a male forearm. It reveals the darker side of human nature — and at the same time the ability to see light in the darkness (that is, good aspects of any object or phenomenon). The moonlight makes the bird’s feathers look even blacker in contrast, which hints at hidden knowledge and secrets that the general public might not be ready to know.

Crow and Moon Shoulder Tattoo


Crow Drinking from a Glass

Such a tattoo reminds one of Aesop’s fable about the crow and the pitcher. The bird was thirsty yet there was too little water in the vessel. So it started to throw pebbles in the pitcher to raise the water level and be able to drink. When a crow is drinking from a glass, it means that one has no problems and lives at ease (most likely, after a series of troubles).

Crow Drinking from a Glass Tattoo Meaning


Crow Feather

If you appreciate all the qualities that the crow stands for yet are not ready to tattoo the full bird on your body, you might opt for a feather instead. Such a small tattoo looks very elegant on one’s hand, neck, ankle or behind the ear. It will let people know that you are philosophically minded and value wisdom and philosophy above all.

Small Crow Feather Tattoo


Celtic Crow

The ancient Celts would perceive a picture of a crow feasting on flesh as a remarkably evil omen. Yet if you depict the bird in a more peaceful situation, it would turn into a messenger between our world and the realm of the deceased. People would place such a tattoo on their shoulder to tell the world that they have successfully overcome significant difficulties and turned a new page.

Celtic Crow Back Tattoo


Viking Crow

Odin, the god of death and wisdom in Norse mythology, had two crows: Muninn and Huginn. Every day, they would fly around the world and then come back to their owner to tell him what was going on in the universe. In this aspect, the birds resemble the angel and the daemon that are allegedly perched on every person’s shoulders in Christianity. The Viking crow and raven symbolizes balance and, to a certain extent, protection of magical powers.

Viking Crow Tattoo


Hopefully, this article came in handy and now you have a clearer vision of the crow tattoo meaning. Some of the above-mentioned designs are genuinely simple, others require artistic license and give unlimited freedom to the imagination. A crow tattoo looks equally impressive on girls and guys of all skin colors and accentuates the riches of their inner world.