Eagle tattoos never go out of fashion. No matter if they are large or small, colored or monochrome, depict the whole bird or just a certain part of it, they look stunning. Most often, people would make such a tattoo on their back, chest, forearm or shoulder. Small eagle eyes or feathers look fabulous on wrists, ankles, necks or behind the ears. In this article, you will get to know the eagle tattoo meaning depending on the type of bird and its combination with other symbols or living creatures.

For Women

The female interpretation of the eagle tattoo would be love for nature and the desire for spiritual growth. An eagle on a woman’s body stands for nobility, intellectual expression and love for freedom.

For Men

The traditional interpretation of the male version of this tattoo would be force, domination, bravery and determination. Eagles typify physical and emotional strength, willpower, readiness to defend and stand up to one’s principles. Eagles are predators, so other birds and animals need to respect them. Plus, they are often perceived as an emblem of patriotism.

Eagle and Snake

In most cases, it would be the “eagle fighting snake” design. This might be interpreted as the eternal conflict between vengeance and mortality, passion and wisdom. Also, both creatures can be regarded as two sides of one person: the wiser and evolving one and its more mundane counterpart.

Eagle and Skull

This tattoo accentuates the confrontation between vitality and mortality where life prevails over death. If there is smoke in the picture, it only highlights the profound philosophical context. But for bikers, the skull symbolizes the desire to enjoy each second of one’s life to the max — and thus the vital energy becomes twice as powerful.

Wolf and Eagle

Both creatures epitomize strength and freedom. The combination of the two intensifies these qualities to the maximum. Plus, since both eagles and wolves are common in the United States, they emphasize the patriotism of the Americans and their strong connection with the native culture.

Lion and Eagle

Separately, the lion and the eagle are the kings of the animals and the birds world accordingly. In this case, they stand for authority and respect. When both are merged into one mythical creature, called the griffin, it personifies the duality of human nature. Like griffins, people are powerful and vulnerable at the same time, majestic and funny, wise and easily carried away by the sordid attractions.

Mexican Eagle

This tattoo is most popular among the modern Aztec descendants. Their ancestors believed that the image of this bird on their bodies would endow them with ferocity, industry and tenacity.

German Eagle

Mind that this eagle tattoo meaning might be misinterpreted as your support of the Nazi ideas. It resembles a coat of arms and looks impressive. Yet in the 20th century such an eagle, depicted atop of Swastika, was the official symbol of Hitler Germany.

Aztec Eagle

This bird is facing the west. Its beak is open and its feathers are sticking out on the top of the head. Among Aztecs, this used to symbolize honor, bravery, courage and strength. An eagle holding a snake with its beak was perceived as the triumph of light over darkness.

American Eagle (Bald Eagle)

In 1872, this bird was selected as the national symbol of the United States. By placing such a tattoo on your body, you accentuate your patriotism and love for typically American qualities: freedom of expression, proactivity, entrepreneurial spirit.

Philippine Eagle

The tribal population of the Philippines used to wear such a tattoo for many centuries to protect themselves from evil forces, predatory animals and human enemies. In 1995, this bird was chosen as the official national symbol and now stands for patriotism. Plus, it accentuates the profound connection of a person with the cultural heritage of their ancestors.

Double Headed Eagle

This mythical creature came to the Western World from the Middle East and was quickly adopted by the Orthodox Church. Many Orthodox countries placed the double-headed eagle on their flags and chose it as their national emblem: Russia, Serbia, Albania and so on. Such a tattoo represents honor, dominance and strength.

Eagle Feather

In Native American culture, the eagle stood for physical and spiritual health as well as the connection between humans and nature. The law prohibited owing feathers of this bird unless you belonged to a certain tribe. An attempt to violate this rule would end up with arrest and a fine. However, no one will punish you for making such a tattoo! It would look especially elegant on a girl.

Eagle Wing

Since eagles soar high in the sky without any restrictions, their wings stand for freedom. Its additional meaning is protection: the bird is as if ready to embrace you or cover with its wings, defending you from all the hazards of the outside world. Religious people might see a symbol of Christ’s Ascension in such a tattoo because its silhouette indeed resembles a cross.

Eagle Eye

An eagle eye can be often seen on the wrist. It represents focus, concentration, vision and clarity. These birds can spot their prey on the ground when soaring high in the clouds and they attack it with all their bravery and determination. A person with such a tattoo is not afraid of challenges.

Eagle Head

This part of the eagle’s body has absorbed all the best qualities of this strong and noble bird: authority, wisdom, control, bravery, determination. Most often, such a tattoo can be seen on a guy’s arm while for women it would be slightly less typical.

Fierce Eagle

This one is perfect for the chest. The talons of a fierce bird are extended and its beak is wide open, it is ready to fight or seize the victim. Yet it does not necessarily imply aggression: the owners of such a tattoo want to emphasize their decisiveness and willingness to overcome any obstacles.

Patriotic Eagle

Such a tattoo is popular among men who served in the army. Most likely, you would see it on their forearm or shoulder. The bird would be depicted in a colorful and realistic manner. An eagle against the American flag epitomizes patriotism and at the same time loyalty.

Flying Eagle

In both male and female versions, this tattoo is often done on the back so that there is enough space for the bird to spread its wings. It stands for freedom, spiritual growth and opportunity. The person is trying to accentuate their readiness to acquire new knowledge and experience as well as the ability to see their target clearly.

Black Eagle

Back in the day, this bird used to be the official symbol of the Holy Roman Empire. In the 20th century, it was adopted by the German Nazis. Such a tattoo looks stunning — but be careful when making it on your hand, neck or another part of the body to avoid unnecessary associations.

Hopefully, this information came in handy and now you have a clearer understanding of the eagle tattoo meaning. Such an image should look spectacular on your body regardless of your age, gender and skin color. Feel free to make it and enjoy its profound meaning!