Fox Tattoo Meanings for Men and Women

Fox tattoo meaning includes a lot of aspects from being a symbol of wisdom to the symbol of mischief. No wonder why this beautiful furry predator has become one of the most popular ideas for stunning tattoo designs.

Throughout human history, foxes have been surrounded by mysteries and beliefs. In some cultures, they are considered evil, in other cultures, they represent divine creatures that help human beings fight evil.

Fox Tattoo Meaning for Men

Although fox tattoos are mainly suitable for girls, the design can be chosen in such a way that it represents particular traits of a man’s character. Yet, men are advised to avoid tattoos with beautiful body curves, as such patterns emphasize femininity and sexuality.

One of the most interesting solutions for guys is a grinning fox that indicates a powerful spirit, an ability to fight back and achieve every goal the person has set even under the most unfavorable circumstances.

Another interpretation of fox tattoos for men is the symbol of faithfulness. Foxes spend their entire life only with one partner. After the partner is gone, they choose to stay and die alone. Thus, a man who gets such a tattoo wants to convey an idea of fidelity or dedication to his family.

Big Fox Chest Tattoo


Fox Tattoo Meaning for Women

Not every woman is suitable for a fox tattoo. The charismatic, sly, sensual, almost fiery essence of the fox’s character contradicts the character of those women who tend to be timid and indecisive. The contradiction of two different spirits might bring bad luck to those wearing such a tattoo.

Generally, women who choose to get a fox tattoo want to stress the fact that despite being seemingly fragile, they can stand up for themselves, once someone hurts them.

A snuggling fox represents a strong connection with the family and implies a shift of the woman wearing it towards softer and brighter aspects of her feminine nature.

Fox Tattoo for Women


Asian fox

According to Asian folklore, apart from being intelligent and symbolizing longevity, the fox has the power to transform into beautiful young women, create illusions, seduce men and drive them mad.

Asian Fox Leg Tattoo


Russian fox

In Russian fables, the fox has an exaggeratedly feminine portrayal. She is cunning and extremely persuasive, which allows her to get everything she wants from other creatures.

Realistic Russian Fox Tattoo


Celtic fox

In Celtic mythology, foxes represent the ability to adapt to the fast-changing environment and difficult situations, no matter how bad they are, thus revealing their maximum potential.

Big Celtic Fox Tattoo fow Men


Red fox

Red fox tattoo meaning is mostly associated with the symbol of sexuality. A fox with a fluffy, long, curved tail expresses the playfulness of the person wearing it.

Red Fox Forearm Tattoo


Angry fox

The mood of the image plays an important role in defining tattoo meanings. If the fox is looking menacingly or has a scary grin, the tattoo serves as a warning for everyone who has bad intentions and wants to hurt the owner.

Angry Fox Head with Flowers


Fox skull

Tattoos featuring skulls symbolize the strength to overcome all the challenges and even death. They can refer to the death of an old life, signify a crucial moment in one’s life that has led to major changes for the better. The death of an “inner fox” may indicate that the person has won the struggle over slyness, dishonesty, and other negative aspects of the character attributed to this animal.

Half Fox Skull Tattoo


Fox with flowers

The image of a fox combined with flowers or jewels shows that the person with such a tattoo is sensual, tender and fragile.

Fox Head and Flowers Tattoo


Fox with dreamcatсher

Another additional element that influences the meaning of tattoos is a dream catcher. Red foxes with dream catchers protect the wearers from adversities in their lives.

Fox with Dreamcatcher Back Tattoo


Fox and rabbit

They are natural enemies. Yet, the aspects these animals represent are quite similar to each other. Both foxes and rabbits symbolize longevity and sexual power. Just like foxes, rabbits can avoid danger thanks to their intellect and speed.

The most commonly seen tattoos depicting both these animals together show a rabbit and a fox hugging each other or sleeping next to each other. This can signify that the person has come to terms with vicissitudes of life and fortune. It can also indicate that the person has suppressed all the inner struggles, choosing a peaceful life.

Fox and Rabbit Tattoo Meaning


Fox and wolf

Such tattoos are more suitable for couples who want to express their deep attachment to each other and are made on the arms or legs of both partners. On a female, the fox will represent feminine energy. On a male, the wolf will represent masculine energy.

Wolf and Fox Leg Tattoo


Nine-tailed fox

It refers to the so-called Kitsune fox in Japanese mythology. The number of tails stands for the amount of power and wisdom a fox has acquired. A kitsune usually grows a new tail every century. After one thousand years, a nine-tailed kitsune enters the spiritual realm and becomes invincible.

Most kitsune tattoo designs are accompanied by other symbols. Thus, a kitsune with a skull on its head symbolizes wisdom the fox has gained after hundreds of years of existence.

Nine-tailed foxes can be combined with an image of a beautiful young lady. On women, this tattoo shows the desire to be both beautiful and wise, the combination of which can make a woman so powerful that she can destroy kingdoms in a blink of an eye. On a man, such a tattoo serves as a reminder for him not to play with alluring but destructive fire.

Nine-tailed Kitsune Fox Tattoo


Samurai fox

Besides kitsune, a samurai is another important symbol in Japanese folklore. They are noble warriors, famous for their courage and loyalty. A tattoo featuring a fox as a noble warrior symbolizes an unbending will and determination to follow the chosen path.

Samurai Fox Tattoo Meaning


Small fox

Small tattoos look attractive and can be made on any body area. There can be just a hint of a fox in simple outlines or geometric shapes, or it can be a smaller colored version of a bigger tattoo. They have the same meanings as their larger counterparts. Yet, unlike bigger tattoos, smaller ones are far more intimate. They tell something the person wearing it, rather than prove anything to the whole world.

Little Baby Fox Tattoo


Fox tattoos can tell a lot about their owners, be it character traits, aspirations, fears or some crucial moments that have made these people who they are. Therefore, one should be sure about what you are trying to say through your fox tattoo meaning. You can also choose to hide a tattoo on your shoulder or chest or allow everyone else to see it on your hand, arm, forearm, etc.