Lord Ganesh Tattoos

Ganesh with its elephant head is one of the most prominent and respected gods in the Hindu culture. In this article, you will find beautiful Ganesh tattoo ideas for men and women.

1. Lord Ganesh Shoulder Tattoo. The wise and powerful deity accentuates interest in science, arts and philosophy as well as Hindu culture and religion.

Lord Ganesh and Lotus Tattoo


2. A Large Ganesh Head with a Piercing Glance. Such a tattoo on arm emphasizes the high intellect and wisdom of the person.

Ganesh Head Tattoo


3. A Black & White Tattoo that Epitomizes All the Secrets of the Universe with Ganesh in the Middle. This complicated image is dedicated to balancing, evolution and the eternal cycle of life.

Black and White Ganesh Tattoo


4. A Joyful and Hedonistic Ganesh. It is depicted close to a person’s heart to accentuate the primary values of life.

Colorful Ganesh Tattoo


5. Ganesh with a Trishula on its Forehead. Trishula is a trident that belongs to another Hindu god, Shiva, who happens to be Ganesh’s father. It symbolizes the trinity of creation, maintenance and destruction.

Realistic Ganesh Head Tattoo for Men


6. A Black and White 3D Om Ganesh. The Om sign is said to be the symbolic image of the Ganesh elephant: the element on the right is the trunk, while the one on the left stands for the head and belly.

3D Om Ganesh Tattoo


7. A Minimalistic Ganesh Face on a Female Arm. It accentuates the natural beauty of the skin tone.

Minimalistic Ganesh Tattoo


8. Aum Ganesh with no Tusk. Even though its eyes are half-closed, their bright blue shade hints at its ability to notice every tiny detail.

Aum Ganesh Tattoo


9. Baby Ganesh Tattoo Shoulder Tattoo. The Hindus call this god Baka Ganapati. It represents the future opportunities for growth.

Baby Ganesh Tattoo


10. A Colorful Ganesh God with a Flower and an Ax. The ax means abandoning all desires that result in suffering, while the flower stands for wisdom.

Ganesh God with Flower Tattoo


11. A Black and White Minimalist Ganesh Tattoo on Forearm. Looks equally impressive on guys and girls.

Ganesh Forearm Tattoo


12. A Big Ganesh with an Ax and a Feather. The latter reminds us that the sage Vyasa dictated a poem to Ganesh who served as his scribe.

Ganesh and Feather tattoo


13. A Tender and Elegant Tattoo for Women. When Ganesh was putting down what Vyasa was dictating, its feather broke down — so it had to use one of its tusks instead.

Elegant Ganesh Tattoo for Women


14. A Monochrome Ganesh Head. According to another legend, Ganesh lost one of its tusks (on this picture, it is the further one) because the sage Parashurama cut it off after Ganesh refused to let him in its house.

Monochrome Lord Ganesh Tattoo


15. An Affectionate Female Version of Ganesh. Finally, the third legend says that Ganesh broke its tusk when fighting against the Gajamukha giant. The latter turned into a rat which became Ganesh’s mount.

Ganesh Tattoo for Females


16. An Avant-garde Interpretation of Ganesh on Sleeve. An optimal choice for a forward-thinking individual who loves contemporary art.

Half Sleeve Ganesh Tattoo


17. Ganesh with a Lotus. In Eastern cultures, this flower stands for self-regeneration, purity and enlightenment.

Ganesh with a Lotus Flower Tattoo


18. A Ganesh Head Tattoo on Hand. It looks like a manifesto and will never be hidden under clothes.

Ganesh Head Tattoo on Hand


19. A Dark Ganesh with a Rat and a Lotus. This is that rat that the god with an elephant head rides on.

Dark Ganesh Tattoo


20. Baby Ganesh with a Protruding Belly. This belly represents the god’s eagerness to embrace everything that is going on in the world.

Baby Ganesh Leg Tattoo


21. A Small Dancing Ganesh. When this god performs dance movements, it symbolizes the ability to succeed after overcoming diverse obstacles.

Dancing Ganesh Tattoo


22. Ganesh Face on the Back of Leg. This one is especially recommended to those who live in warmer climates and often wear shorts.

Ganesh Face Tattoo on Leg


23. Ganesh Holding a Beautiful Vial. Probably, this vessel might contain a healing potion.

Amazing Ganesh Shoulder Tattoo


24. A Colorful Ganesh with an Om Symbol on its Hand. A nice way to highlight feminine spirituality.

Ganesh and Om Symbol Tattoo


25. A Minimalist Om Ganesh on Forearm. Among all the tattoo ideas mentioned in this article, this one stands out for being remarkably simple.

Ganesh Forearm Tattoo


26. Ganesh with a Voluminous Headdress. This god might have from 2 to 32 arms but in this picture, you can not see any.

Ganesh and Mandala Tattoo


27. A Coquettish Ganesh on a Girl’s Leg. One of the prettiest and the most flirtatious interpretations of this deity.

Ganesh Leg Tattoo for Girls


28. Baby Ganesh Tasting a Sweet in his Lower Left Hand. It is one of the most archaic variants of depicting this god.

Ganesh with Flower Tattoo


29. A Ganesh Head Accompanied by Sacred Words and Symbols from Diverse Cultures. The inscriptions are located between the wrist and the elbow.

Ganesh Head with Symbols Tattoo


30. Ganesh with Exquisite Jewelry. It means that wisdom leads to well-deserved prosperity.

Ganesh with Jewerly Tattoo


31. Ganesh with a Small Head, Surrounded with Flowers. One legend says that the god was born with a human head but its father, Shiva, beheaded it during a quarrel with Parvati, its mother.

Lord Ganesh Surrounded with Flowers


32. A Charming Dark Ganesh. The tattoo accentuates that this god also stands for prosperity and wellbeing.

Dark Ganesh Tattoo


33. A Sensual Female Ganesh. Traditionally, it is a male creature — yet it does not prevent many tattoo artists from depicting it as a female.

Ganesh Leg Tattoo for Women


34. An Old Ganesh Epitomizes Wisdom and Experience. Lower on the sleeve you can see its opposite — a baby who has yet to explore the world.

Ganesh Full Sleeve Tattoo


35. A Sitting Ganesh that Looks Like it is Singing a Mantra. Such a tattoo can be often seen on chest or back, in a larger size.

Sitting Ganesh Tattoo


36. A Standing Ganesh. On most tattoos, it would be sitting. But on many images, you can see it either standing, or dancing, or combating enemies, or together with his family.

Dotwork Ganesh Tattoo on Shoulder


37. An Unusual Version of Ganesh that Looks Like a Diving Mermaid. This is a creative approach, not typical of the traditional Hindu culture.

Cool Ganesh Tattoo


38. A Menacing Ganesh on a Male Chest. The silhouette of the god resembles a temple and the red color on his forehead resembles blood.

Ganesh Chest Tattoo for Men


39. A Dancing Ganesh Accompanied by a Dreamcatcher. Even though these two are depicted separately, they both are meaningful components of the Oriental culture.

Ganesh with Flower Back Tattoo


40. A Monochrome Ganesh Sleeve that Ends above the Wrist. The hand looks twice as fragile and delicate in contrast.

Full Sleeve Tattoo for Women


41. This Ganesh is not a Baby but Looks Young. Judging by the fact that one tusk is not broken yet, the main life’s challenges are yet to come for the juvenile god.

Feminine Ganesh Tattoo


42. A Graceful Dancing Ganesh. One legend says that the god received his elephant head and a protruding belly from his father, Shiva, who envied his exquisiteness.

Dancing Ganesh Tattoo


43. Ganesh Holding an Ax with his Trunk. Normally, the tool would be in his hand.

Ganesh with Ax Tattoo


44. Ganesh with a Cute Baby Elephant. According to some Hindu legends, the deity was a Brahmacharya and thus could not marry or have kids — but there might be other versions.

Lord Ganesh and Elephant Tattoo


45. Ganesh Depicted on the Inside Forearm. Such a location accentuates a profound intimate connection with the tattoo.

Ganesh Upperarm Tattoo


46. A Cozy Ganesh. Here, the god looks like a host who welcomes guests to its house.

Ganesh Tattoo for Men


47. A Minimalist Silhouette of Ganesh’s Head. A thick trunk creates an impression of stability and reliability.

Minimalistic Ganesh Head Tattoo

[caption id="attachment_1805" align="aligncenter" width="551"]Ganesh Tattoo for Men @yan_tag


48. A Multicolored Ganesh Sleeve with Flowers and the Rodent. On a female body, this indicates an energetic and passionate character.

Multicolored Ganesh Full Sleeve Tattoo


49. A Charming and Sophisticated Ganesh. Here, the deity looks like a merciful Empress with stylish makeup.

Ganesh Tattoo for Women


50. And Old and Powerful Ganesh. One can clearly feel its authority and intellect.

If you are planning to make a Ganesh tattoo as well, feel free to draw inspiration from these state-of-the-art designs!