What’s the best way to enhance your personality? To get a tattoo. And what’s the best design to get inked? A lion head tattoo, of course! Here, you will find 50 awesome ideas of the tattoos with the king of the animals’ head.

1. Lion Hiding in Palm Leaves Arm Tattoo. The animal looks very serious here. He’s probably laid his eye on his prey and is preparing to catch it!

2. Angry Lion with a Stained Window Behind him. Wow. Undoubtedly, this ink design is pretty enticing!

3. Lion with his Cute Cub. The father looks confused, maybe he was hoping to hunt an antelope but it managed to run away?

4. Lion and a Compass. Another amazing shoulder tattoo. The king of the animals looks super confident!

5. Beautiful Blue-eyed Lion. His eyes are really mesmerizing. A great tattoo idea for strong-willed guys!

6. Half Lion Face and Half Human Skull. This outline tattoo is perfect for confident men who have no fear!

7. Fierce Animal Wearing a Crown. The lion’s brown eyes are so expressive. And this design is so impressive!

8. Lion and a Broken Clock Glass Shards. This shoulder tattoo is incredibly philosophical. There’s only one life, stop wasting your precious time!

9. Lion Wearing a Native American Feather Headdress. One more inspiring arm tattoo. This roaring beast is definitely for men!

10. Ferocious Animal Wearing a Neon Crown. Absolutely gorgeous! Very bright and colorful, too!

11. Roaring Lion and an Eye inside an Orange Triangle. The proud King of beasts looks so angry. And the eye above him, so mysterious!

12. A Lion with a Blue Symbol on his Forehead. It’s a traditional Viking symbol and its color matches the animal’s eye color. He looks so fierce, watch out!

13. Lion Wearing a Crown with Gems. The animal is surrounded by flowers, too. Without a doubt, this design is perfect for women.

14. Lion with Three Clocks. One clock on the shoulder, one in the middle, and one below the lion. That’s pretty much a collection!

15. Half Face of a Lion. This bright blue and purple paint splatter looks super pretty. For girls only!

16. Lion’s Face Peeking out from Behind a Broken Statue. Whoever created this tattoo has a truly artistic imagination!

17. Lion with a Bright Feather Headdress. This forearm tattoo for women is so attention-grabbing. Just one glance at these amazing shades of orange and red takes any female’s breath away!

18. Resting Lion Forearm Tattoo. The King of animals looks relaxed here. And those red, yellow, and green paint splashes look just wonderful!

19. Lion Head with a Nice Headwear. Feathers, a braid, and gemstones. This tattoo for men looks great on the back!

20. Half Girl’s Face and Half Lion’s Face. A simple design in dark tones. The idea of a girl with a lion head is just super cool!

21. Lion and a Broken Clock with Roman Numbers. This half sleeve black and white tattoo is very beautiful. It will look great on guys’ arms.

22. Amazing Lion Head Tattoo. Black color prevails here but there’s also a red stripe on the lion’s right eye. Great hand tattoo design!

23. Lion with a Crown and Red Paint Splash. Seems like he has blood on his face! This lion head tattoo idea is very original.

24. Lion with Large Facial Features. His eyes, nose, and mouth are so big that you can see only half the animal’s face. But this design is extremely beautiful!

25. Half Ordinary Lion Face and Half Stylized with Leaves. A great-looking back tattoo design for guys.

26. Lion Head with Plants and Animals. The King of beasts seems very focused. Who knows what he’s thinking about?

27. Lion with a Crown and a Clock. One eye of the animal is yellow and the other one, blue. He’s so annoyed, beware!

28. Lion, Butterflies, a Rose, and a Skull Full Sleeve. The fierce creature is wearing a crown, too. This black and white tattoo is very eye-catching!

29. Lion with Two Adorable Cubs Arm Tattoo. Those cute trees and the sunset make this design even more fascinating.

30. Lion Head with Broken Pieces of a Clock. Another clock with Roman numerals. This arm tattoo for guys is amazing, it has great masculine energy.

31. Lion with a Rose Forearm Tattoo. Just lovable. For romantic guys!

32. Roaring Lion Tattoo. This is one awesome male chest tattoo. It’s really spectacular!

33. A Lion and its Cub with a Clock. Here come the Roman numbers again. This time, they’re colorful and neon-like.

34. Lion’s Face Side View and a Sunset in the Forest. The animal looks so confident. This design makes you feel at peace.

35. Lion Surrounded by Flowers. Aren’t these white petals out of this world? Simply impressive!

36. A Lion and a Rhino Walking in Fields. Been dreaming of a vacay in Africa… or maybe you’ve already been there, and this tattoo reminds you of that continent? In any case, the design is truly picturesque.

37. Half Lion Face with the Crucifixion on his Eye. This Christian leg tattoo is for guys who believe in Jesus Christ and have a strong personality. Great to cover up other tattoos or scars, too.

38. Lion Wearing a Crown with “Fortis fortuna adiuvat” Quote. Fortune definitely favors the brave: it takes bravery to cover all your back with a tattoo. But it’s worth it – the animal’s crown is so gorgeously bright!

39. Lion Face Divided into Two. A Chinese style tattoo where one half of the animal’s face is relatively relaxed, but the other one is really ferocious. Look out!

40. Simply Amazing Lion Face. The King of beasts seems peaceful here but you can never know what on the animal’s mind!

41. “Be bold, stay humble” Quote and a Crowned Lion. A simple drawing and an inspiring quote. Pure perfection!

42. A Lion and an Owl Leg Tattoo. This design is so conspicuous. Perfect for beautiful female legs!

43. Green-eyed Lion and a Small Man Figure Walking towards a Big Cross. Another great tattoo idea for Christians.

44. Sunset, Palms, Ship, Compass, and a Lion. Awesome leg tattoo idea for avid travelers. These images show everybody that nothing can stop you!

45. King of the Animals Wearing a Bright Crown. “I will achieve all my goals”. You can literally see it in this lion’s eyes!

46. Lion’s Face Divided into Pieces. Big eye on the shoulder, roaring animal’s face and teeth below. A unique idea!

47. A Lion and a Compass Leg Tattoo. A confident lion’s face and a beautiful white compass. Very creative!

48. A Roaring Lion and Colosseum. You can describe this colorful tattoo with just two words: original and alluring.

49. Light Brown Lion with Hazel Eyes. His look is pretty captivating. Cool design and colors!

50. Half Face of a Lion with Disheveled Mane. This tattoo is very graphic. It would look great in tribal style too.

You can’t complain now because you have so many options! All you need to do is choose one, and we’re sure your lion head tattoo will stand out from a crowded field of competitors!