Are you a guy who likes to be outdoors and loves mountains? Then you should absolutely get a mountain tattoo. We have some original mountain tattoos for men for you!

1. Mountains and Trees Forearm Tattoo. Two triangles mirroring each other. And mountains in them. So nice!

2. Rhombus Shaped Black and White Wrist Tattoo. Moon, trees, flying birds, water, and, of course, mountains. A wonderful nature scene!

3. Small Bicep Tattoo with a Quote. Mountains, rising sun, and a deep quote: “Be strong for love, be freed of hate”. For tough yet romantic guys.

4. Moon, Stars, Mountains, and a Wave. All this inside triangles. For people who like both mountains and the sea!

5. Colorful Forearm Tattoo with Stars. This bright tattoo has both day and night versions of the sky above the mountains. Whoever created this design has a great imagination!

6. Black and White Wrist Tattoo. Three wolves, as if they were waiting for someone, and clouds above the mountains. This idea is truly unique.

7. Rhombus Shaped Tattoo with a Snake. Wow! Just imagine a bright blue sky, the full moon, and a snake in a field crawling towards the mountains on your forearm.

8. Volcanic Mountains with Blue Lava. This half sleeve tattoo design is really interesting: the lava is blue. And there are also 3D geometrical shapes. Looks very unusual and modern!

9. Compass Arm Tattoo. With this reliable compass, you will never get lost in the mountains! Great and simple design.

10. Two Black and White Triangles with Planets and Mountains. A man in the mountains, on a swing that is hanging from the upper triangle with planets and stars. Very creative!

11. Wolves in the Mountains Half Sleeve Tattoo. A big wolf face, and below, mountains with an entire wolves family. Without a doubt, any male would be proud to have such a manly tattoo.

12. A howling Wolf and a Man in the Mountains. Full moon, howling wolf face, and a man who’s looking at the mountain river. This tattoo is really masculine!

13. A small Black and White Triangle Forearm Tattoo. Mountains in a small triangle. A simple and nice design idea.

14. Eagle Flying Above the Mountains. An amazing foot tattoo design. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the most original mountain tattoos for men on planet Earth!

15. Blue Mountain Inside a Sphere. Alternatively, we could call this cute tattoo “50 shades of blue”. That plant looks charming, too.

16. Birds, Mountains, a Forest, a River, and a Deer. This idyllic landscape is very colorful and will look great on your leg. One of the most beautiful tattoo ideas ever!

17. A Small Forearm Tattoo with Mountains. Really super simple. Just mountains and nothing else.

18. Rocks, Trees, and Water. This tattoo design is also very laconic. Exactly what a real man needs!

19. Light Bulb with a Mountain Range Inside. What a great tattoo design idea! It’s very inspiring.

20. A Sphere with Moon and Mountains. A cute, creative, and colorful back tattoo. Looks refreshing!

21. Moon, Rocks, and Small Trees. The tattoo itself is small too. For guys who don’t like to show off.

22. A Star, Moon, Sun, and a Mountain Tattoo. Mountain in a rhombus frame with a flower on the bottom… which makes it an original and creative design for your forearm!

23. A Man and a Wolf Walking in the Mountains Half Sleeve Tattoo. For guys who love to set goals and reach them!

24. Rock Forearm Tattoo. The rock is really high! And the combination of geometrical shapes makes this tattoo really spectacular.

25. Mountains with Snow, Water, and a Tent. It will remind you of your best expeditions. For real mountaineers.

26. A Small Mountain Range Arm Tattoo. Cute and simple. Because black and white drawings always look nice!

27. “The pleasure of leaving home that’s enough to me”. This quote describes perfectly how the mountain climbers really feel!

28. Kodak, Lion Face, Flowers, and Leaves Tattoo. A great tattoo design for those who love taking photos when climbing.

29. Colorful and Beautiful Forearm Tattoo. Those purple skies are just amazing! For real mountain lovers.

30. Rhombus Shaped Forearm Tattoo. Haven’t you fallen in love with this super bright blu sky yet? It’s simply gorgeous!

You have seen so many mountain tattoos for men in this article. But we’re sure it won’t be hard to make a choice because among all these beautiful tattoos there will be one that will instantly win your heart!