Tattoo Ideas for Women Collage

The popularity of tattoos has grown lately. More and more men, women, teenagers get inked because people like to have something special and unique, something they can always carry with them but that nobody can take away from them.

Here are 30 simple tattoos ideas for women who like simple things that help them stand out from the crowd.

1. Two Cherries with Heart-shaped Stems. These cherries look really lovely and romantic! Your boyfriend’s heart will melt when he sees this cute little tattoo.

2. Cat Eye and Half Moon Neck Tattoo. Bright colors and an interesting combination of a cat eye and half-moon. Very original for sure!

3. Colorful Cosmic Wave Tattoo. Who wouldn’t want to get such a tattoo? Those purple and violet waves with sparkles won’t go unnoticed!

4. A Planet and a Song on Your Playlist. This wrist tattoo looks really unique. It’s for both music and astrology lovers.

5. Adorable Squirrel Eating Cherries Tattoo. Check this out! This animal got so fat because of all those cherries! This little squirrel is just super cute!

6. “Road to Myself” Writing with Yellow Leaves. Quotes tattoos are for women who have philosophical minds. Yellow leaves make this tattoo ideal for females who were born in the fall.

7. Sicilian Oranges Forearm Tattoo. These beautiful oranges look so juicy. They make you wanna give them a bite!

8. Snake Inner Thigh Tattoo. If you want to look even more attractive and original than you already are, this inguinal tattoo is for you. Don’t worry, this little snake doesn’t bite!

9. Phases of the Moon. This purple moon in its different phases will look lovely on your forearm. Very simple and elegant.

10. Musical Notes Tattoo. It’s a very sweet female tattoo. Music lovers won’t be able to resist it!

11. Moon, Stars, and Quote. A lovely tattoo with a quote in Korean. Make sure you know its meaning before you get inked!

12. Triangle with a Mountain. A cute little wrist tattoo for those who love facing challenges. For strong girls who can climb any mountain and swim any ocean.

13. Flowers and Berries Chest Tattoo. Look at those bright colors! This tattoo will definitely make your area between shoulder and chest look even more lovable.

14. Northern Lights. This tiny arm tattoo looks very nice. Aurora Borealis is a great tattoo choice!

15. Three Elephants Forearm Tattoo. These little animals are just so cute! This tattoo is perfect for animal lovers.

16. Fall Leaves Ear Tattoo. For women who like original stuff. These red and yellow fall leaves will look amazing on your ear!

17. Roses Arm Tattoo. These wonderful red roses with petals falling down will embellish your arm for sure! Perfect for romantic girls.

18. A Planet and an Airplane. If you’ve been searching for some simple tattoo ideas for women, look no further! This small airplane flying around your ankle will look gorgeous on you.

19. Watermelon Leg Tattoo. This mini watermelon looks so playful. For girls who understand that life is just a game and it’s meant to be fun!

20. Hate Love Wrist Tattoo. Everybody knows that there’s only one step between hate and love. A tattoo with a powerful message for real women!

21. Lightning Booty Tattoo. This tiny lightning looks very sexy. Perfect for confident girls!

22. Oranges with Leaves Tattoo. Another cute tattoo with citrus fruit. So yummy!

23. Cosmic Triangle Forearm Tattoo. These bright colors and cosmic landscapes make you think about the destiny of the Universe. This triangle looks absolutely fantastic!

24. New Moon Tattoo. This bright blue tattoo will look awesome on the back of your neck. It’s really lovely.

25. Roses and Butterflies Tattoo. Red roses and red butterflies flying around them between your shoulder and chest. What could be more romantic?

26. Little Hamster Tattoo. This small hamster holding pistachio is just cute. Great tattoo idea for animal lovers!

27. Colorful Leaves Tattoo. Isn’t this stripe with bright leaves adorable? It will look really attractive on your leg, for sure!

28. Black Snake Forearm Tattoo. Another beautiful little snake tattoo. For women who like minimalist style.

29. Moon, Planets, and Stars Tattoo. Do you like observing the starlit sky at night? Then you will enjoy looking at these tiny colorful planets and stars on your forearm, too.

30. Red and Green Bracelet Tattoo. Why buy jewelry if you can just get your wrist inked? Your hand will look even more beautiful with this eternal bracelet.

We hope you enjoyed our list of simple tattoos ideas for women. Get inspired and choose the one that suits you best!