Flowers give women a special tenderness, charm, especially if these are small flower tattoos on wrists, arms, shoulders, collarbones, and behind ears. Floral tattoos not only attract with their appearance but also with the special meanings that each flower symbolizes.

1. Watercolor Hibiscus Tattoo. A delicate bouquet of white, blue, and purple hibiscus with yellow daisies will embellish your wrist, be sure!

Hibiscus Wrist Tattoo


2. Red Rose and Bluebells Tattoo. A bright red rose and a delicate blue branch of bells intertwined on your shoulder.

Red and White Fowers Tattoo


3. Tiny Forget-me-not Tattoo. Delicate blue forget-me-not branch will adorn your arm. Looking at this beautiful bouquet you will never forget the scent of spring!

Tiny Flowers Tattoo Idea


4. Pink Feces Tattoo. Another interesting small flower tattoo idea is a sophisticated bouquet of pink feces. It will look lovely on your hand!

Pink Feces Tattoo


5. White and Red Roses Tattoo. The perfect combination of white and red roses which look so sexy on your arm. For really confident women.

White and Red Roses Tattoo for Women

6. Delicate Violet Tattoo. Neat pink, blue and purple violets will be a beautiful decoration on your ear!

Violet Tattoo on Ear


7. Red Peonies Tattoo. Just look at this piece of art! These red peonies seem to have grown on the collarbone. Gorgeous!

Small Peonies Tattoo


8. Purple Tulips Tattoo. A cute small purple tulip will look very neat on your ankle. It`s perfect for women looking for something sweet and simple.

Cute Purple Tulips Tattoo


9. Pink Lily Tattoo. Look at this amazing pink lily under the breast. It resembles the scent of spring days when nature is just awakening.

Pink Lily Under Breast Tattoo


10. Tiny Floral Tattoo. These wonderful pink blooming apple tree make you smell the scent of spring. A great idea for women who like simplicity and lightness.

Floral Tattoo for Girls


11. Pink Sakura Tattoo. This tiny pink sakura tattoo behind the ear looks lovely. It’s great for women who love the spring.

Sakura Behind the Ear Tattoo


12. Lotus and Road Tattoo. Magnificent lotus petals combined with the dream of a long journey among ice and oceans. Great for women who are into traveling.

Lotus Tattoo for Women


13. Purple Lily Tattoo. One more tattoo idea for your arm. Great for women who love tender design.

Lily Tattoo Idea


14. Blue and Red Roses with Infinity Tattoo. It’s so romantic that the roses turn into an infinity sign. And why not get a similar tattoo on both wrists?

Blue and Red Roses Wrist Tattoo

15. Purple Lotus Tattoo. A very interesting gradation of colors from purple to pink on exquisite lotus flowers. It looks marvelous!

Purple Lotus Arm Tattoo


16. Pink Tulips Arm Tattoo. Perfect for women, who like simple tattoos. You will fall in love with these pink tulips, too.

Simple Tulips Arm Tattoo

17. Blue Lavender Tattoo. What could be softer than lavender on the ear? For women who like minimalist style.

Blue Lavender Tattoo on the Ear


18. Tiny Tulip Tattoo. What a charming bouquet of pink tulips and purple lavender? This tattoo will look magnificent on you.

Pink Tulips and Purple Lavender Tattoo

19. Red Roses Tattoo. These magnificent red roses with a few petals falling will prettify your wrist. Ideal for romantic women.

Roses with Petals Tattoo

20. Watercolor Flower Bouquet Tattoo. One of the most lovable floral designs. It will look marvelous on you.

Small Flower Bouquet Tattoo

21. Bouquet of Calla Lilies Tattoo. Soft and bright at the same time bouquet will make you even more beautiful, than you are.

Soft and Bright Lilies Tattoo

22. Pink Tea Rose Tattoo. Sophisticated tea rose branch will look eye-catching and stylish on your arm.

Small Tea Rose Tattoo

23. Blue Flower Tattoo. Another flower gorgeous tattoo idea. It’s so neat and magnetic. The standard of elegance.

Blue Flowers Tattoo Idea


24. Small Floral Bouquet Tattoo. If you`re planning on getting ink, these watercolor design with tiny pink and purple pansies, blue forget-me-not will look elegant on your collarbone.

Small Floral Tattoo Design


25. Purple Butterfly with Lilies Tattoo. Look at this breathtaking purple butterfly with amazing lilies on the wing. This marvelous butterfly will hover so mesmerizing on your arm.

Butterfly and Flowers Tattoo


26. Tiny Lily Forearm Tattoo. Another blossoming tattoo idea! If you want something simple and gentle, then these delicate pink lilies will be the best choice.

Simple Lily Flower Tattoo


27. Elegant Poppy Flower Tattoo. Rich red ide flower on the back of your neck is the best choice for self-confident women. It is so bright and elegant at the same time.

Poppy Flower Tattoo

28. Red Roses and Pink Hibiscus Tattoo. Look at these amazing red roses and pink hibiscus flowers on your arm. It’s impossible not to fall in love with this marvelous tattoo.

Pink Hibiscus Tattoo fo Women

29. Purple Hydrangea Tattoo. This bright purple hydrangea bouquet with falling flowers will look awesome on your arm. It’s really lovely.

Purple Flowers Arm Tattoo

30. Moon and Roses Tattoo. Bright red roses have grown around the cross on your shoulder, and a black and white moon shines above them. What could be more romantic?

Moon and Roses Shoulder Tattoo

31. Tiny Flower Behind Ear Tattoo. Just look at this incredible beauty. Such a delicate combination of pink carnation flower and a branch of blue bells behind the ear.

Pink Flower Behind the Ear Tattoo


32. Blue Roses and Forget-me-not Tattoo. Isn’t this tender forget-me-not and blue roses with falling petals adorable? It will look great on your shoulder, for sure!

Blue Roses Tattoo for Girls

33. Daisy Flower Tattoo. A marvelous idea for women who like country life. Doesn’t this pretty daisy flower remind you of sweet summer days spent in the countryside with your grandma?

Small Daisy Flower Tattoo

34. Flower Circle Tattoo. Bright purple hibiscus flowers are gently woven into a ring. For women who are not afraid to be extravagant.

Flower Circle Tattoo for Women


35. Red Roses and Butterflies Ankle Tattoo. What a gentle and sexy combination of red roses and hovering butterflies on the ankle. This is incredibly mesmerizing!

Roses and Butterflies Tattoo

36. Orange Lilies Tattoo. A bright branch of orange lilies on the shoulder will be especially suitable for confident and daring women.

Orange Lilies Tattoo on Shoulder


37. Red Lily Tattoo. Isn’t this bouquet of red lily and black and white lilies adorable? It will look really attractive on your arm, be sure!

Small Red Lily Tattoo on Arm


38. Classic Jasmine Tattoo. A branch of delicate jasmine will adorn the shoulder of women who love classic and black and white styles.

Black and White Jasmine Tattoo


39. Musical Clef and Red Roses Tattoo. Just look at this magnificent musical clef topped with red roses! It’s so unbelievably elegant and eye-catching.

Musical Clef and Small Flowers Tattoo

40. Roses and Butterflies Tattoo. Red butterflies hover over red roses on your shoulder. Lovely design for women in love.

Small Flowers and

41. Purple Lily Tattoo. Just look at these magnificent purple lilies on your wrist, they seem to transport you to warm May days, when everything around is fragrant.

Purple Lily Tattoo on Wrist


42. Black and White Lilies Tattoo. What could be more attractive than black and white lilies on your arm? Perfect for extraordinary women.

Black and White Small Flowers Tattoo


43. Flower Cross Tattoo. What a sophisticated tattoo in the form of a neat cross topped with delicate pink flowers. So delightful!

Cute Pink Flowers


44. Watercolor Hibiscus Tattoo. What can be more adorable than a bracelet of pink hibiscus flowers on the hip? This floral tattoo is amazing!

Watercolor Hibiscus Tattoo on Hip


45. Tiny Floral Bouquet Tattoo. You’re a tender woman, and what better way to show your character than to get this gorgeous simple tattoo with orange tulips and pink daisies on the hip.

Simple Floral Bouquet Tattoo


46. Motley Flower on the Ear Tattoo. Do want to surprise everyone with an unusual tattoo? This small watercolor on the ear will look incredible and unforgettable, be sure!

Small Flower Ear Tattoo


47. Purple Flower Tattoo. Look at this splendor! Sophisticated purple flowers will make you even more attractive, be sure!

Purple Flower Tattoo for Girls


48. Tender Flower on the Ear Tattoo. These neat pink and purple flowers on the ear look so realistic they make you wanna smell them!

Tender Flower on the Ear


49. Pink Carnation Flower Tattoo. Prefer gentle simple tattoos with something special? How about a sophisticated carnation flower which stem turns into words of love? Excellent!

Simple Carnation Flower Tattoo


50. Small Flower Behind Ear Tattoo. These small pink flowers behind your ear will take you to the most pleasant spring memories, especially with elegant jewelry.

Mini Flower Tattoo


We hope you enjoyed the small flower tattoo ideas, making it easier for you to choose the best one.