Tattoos are not just a decoration but an expression of personality. A small, elegant tattoo is perfect for females. If you are planning on getting inked, here are some gorgeous tattoo ideas for women’s wrist.

1. Nautical Themed Anchor Tattoo. This tiny anchor tattoo looks really lovely. It’s great for women who love the sea.

2. Flower Heart Tattoo. It’s ideal for girls who decided to go romantic. And why not get the same tattoo on both wrists?

3. Cute Hedgehog Tattoo. Perfect for animal lovers. You will fall in love with that red heart, too.

4. Cat With a Tilted Head Tattoo. Isn’t this cat adorable? You can’t help but smile when looking at its tilted head.

5. Tiger Head Tattoo. The noble feline looks amazing and will embellish a self-confident woman’s wrist.

6. Rabbit With Balloon Tattoo. One more tattoo idea for women’s wrist. Great for girls who love animals.

7. Small Red Rose Tattoo. This pretty teeny-tiny red rose is just so unbelievably gorgeous and sexy.

8. Golden Fish Tattoo. Another wonderful, colorful tattoo. This golden fish looks absolutely fabulous.

9. The Creation of Adam Tattoo. Near-touching hands of God and Adam are truly iconic. This tattoo inspired by Michelangelo’s painting will look stunning on females who love art.

10. Sun and Zodiac Signs Tattoo. These mini planets, stars, and zodiac signs won’t leave you indifferent for sure.

11. Cat’s Smile Tattoo. No need to get the whole cat tattoo. This nice animal’s nose, mouth, and whiskers are more than enough to make you and everyone around you smile.

12. Abstract Circle Tattoo. A simple circle that seems an abstract painting. Excellent for creative women.

13. Colored Elephant Tattoo. This bright elephant with flowers on it will make you think about a trip to Bali or somewhere exotic every time you look at it.

14. Sunflower Tattoo. A fantastic idea for women who like rural life. Doesn’t this cute sunflower remind you of sweet summers spent in the countryside?

15. Blue-Eyed Owl Tattoo. This owl with big blue eyes and a heart on its chest just can’t go unnoticed. We guarantee you that it will capture all your friends’ attention.

16. Big Winged Bird Tattoo. What a charming bird with a long tail! It will look absolutely delightful on you.

17. Pink Elephant Tattoo. Everybody will like this lovely tattoo. Cuteness overload!

18. Tender Pink Flowers Tattoo. If you get this floral tattoo, you will become even more attractive than you already are. These tiny flowers look so fresh they make you wanna smell them!

19. Blue Roses Tattoo. Another absolutely lovable floral tattoo. It’s so unbelievably elegant and eye-catching.

20. Triangle With Stars Tattoo. Check out this piece of art! This red and blue triangle with white stars on it looks awesome.

21. Pink Peony Tattoo. Look at these magnificent peonies. They definitely bring back memories of our sweet childhood and our grandmothers’ blooming gardens.

22. Provence Flowers Tattoo. Another blossoming masterpiece! These delicate flowers and an airplane close to them make your dream of the south of France.

23. Curious Hedgehog Tattoo. Isn’t it super cute how this hedgehog raised its head and how it’s staring at you? Absolutely beautiful.

24. Dark-leaved Rose Tattoo. A romantic yet dark flower. It can add a soft touch to a goth girl’s look.

25. Engagement Date Tattoo. This matching “The day we first met” or “Engagement date” tattoo with a heart is perfect for couples who want to celebrate their love every day.

26. Space Cat Tattoo. Who doesn’t want a cat launched into space on their wrist? This adorable animal totally misses its Earth food – bony fish.

27. Pet Memorial Tattoo. He wasn’t just a dog but your best friend, and he passed away. No wonder you want to dedicate this tattoo to him.

28. Love Coordinates Tattoo. Another matching tattoo for couples who are crazy in love. If you guys met on vacation and lived happily ever after, latitude and longitude of the place that united you is a flawless idea!

29. Ruby + Emerald Tattoo. What can be more precious than a heart-shaped ruby and a square emerald on your wrist? This tattoo is a real gem!

30. Cat Head Tattoo. Here’s one more cool tattoo for animal lovers. It’s impossible not to fall in love with this darling white cat.

Feel free to choose one of these beautiful tattoos from our collection. We hope these tattoo ideas for women’s wrist help you find what you’re looking for!