If you’re a black person and you’ve been wanting to get inked to emphasize your personality, you’re in the right place. Or maybe you have African American friends who want some advice regarding tattoos… In both cases, we have a great choice of tattoos on black skin for you!

1. Fierce Lion Back Tattoo. The animal’s eyes look totally ready for hunting! This awesome tattoo is definitely for confident males.

2. Geometric Tribal Tattoo. Looks simple and stunning at the same time. For a cute girl’s back.

3. Buddha and Lotus Flowers Back Tattoo. This tattoo is amazing! It can embellish any black woman’s back.

4. Buddha Full Chest and Stomach Tattoo. The Asian God’s face is so relaxed. It will look nice on your tummy for sure!

5. Flowers Leg Tattoo. It’s really beautiful. By the way, this design can be also used to cover up a scar.

6. An Egyptian Woman and a Flying Eagle Tattoo. Oh yeah, Egypt is part of Africa, too! So this design is perfect for African Americans.

7. Fist That Broke the Chains Tattoo. Great for both guys and girls. But they must have a strong personality!

8. Hand of Fatima and Lotus Flowers Back Tattoo. It looks really appealing. Ideal for black skin.

9. Another Egyptian Style Tattoo. A man and a fierce orangutan. An interesting full sleeve design!

10. Small Tree and Birds Shoulder Tattoo. This tattoo looks very elegant. Great design for girls.

11. Creative Full Sleeve Tattoo. A face where one eye belongs to a tiger, and the other one, to a pretty girl, and then another gorgeous girl’s face. A unique idea!

12. Tiger and Butterflies Tattoo. One more amazing full sleeve design idea: tiger face, a clock, and butterflies flying around.

13. Adorable Shoulder and Chest Tattoo. A black ball and a finger pointing at it. If you’re a black woman with a sense of humor, this tattoo is for you!

14. Little Black Forest Forearm Tattoo. Adorable! Undoubtedly, your forearm will look even more attractive than it does now if you decide to choose this design.

15. Black Woman with Fluffy Hair Thigh Tattoo. Very sexy. Also, we’re sure everybody will love this lady’s hairstyle!

16. Butterfly and a Skull Neck Tattoo. Pretty intense. For tough guys who are not afraid of anything!

17. A Gun and a Cross Stomach Tattoo. Caution: content is hot! This design is for real black men only.

18. Little Bird Head Tattoo. It covers part of the neck and face, too. For very bold half-shaved hairstyle lovers!

19. Tiger Face Half Sleeve Tattoo. How beautiful is this animal? You should adorn your forearm with its face, don’t you agree?

20. Woman with a Braid but without Nose and Lips. Looks a bit weird but hey – every man to his taste!

21. Feather and Birds Shoulder and Chest Tattoo. Small and sweet design! Perfect for cute girls with black skin.

22. Martin Luther King’s Face. Show me a black person who wouldn’t want a tattoo with this influential figure. This is a great arm tattoo idea!

23. Three Lotus Flowers Back Tattoo. What a delightful design. Ideal for lovely ladies!

24. Black Nefertiti Leg Tattoo. She is so gorgeous! And would look nice on any guy’s leg.

25. Lion’s Face with a Crown and Two Lions Silhouettes. He’s the king of the animals, of course, he’s wearing a crown, and his face is so fierce. There he is with his queen under the moon and a tree!

26. Beautiful Woman’s Eyes Arm Tattoo. And sphere-shaped geometric objects around them. A very ingenious idea!

27. Big Black Flower Head Tattoo. Another original tattoo design idea for girls who like half-shaved hairstyles.

28. Clouds, Lions, Sun, and a Man. It covers the whole back and both full sleeves. One of the most detailed tattoos on black skin we have ever seen!

29. Lovely Flower in a Lightbulb. It won’t look good on very dark skin because this tattoo is grey, almost invisible. It’s a great option for lighter-skinned black people.

30. Trees, Animals, and a Black Woman. Her eyes are absolutely beautiful but she looks sad or nostalgic. We can only wonder why…

31. Black woman with a Microphone Full Sleeve. How stunning is she? Gotta love her hairstyle and makeup, too!

32. Clouds, Sailing Ship, and an Octopus in a Cup. Attention-grabbing 100%! No doubt, this design is very creative.

33. Fern Leaf Neck and Chest Tattoo. Simple and nice. But again, not for very dark skin because it’s black.

34. Little Girl Neck Tattoo. Aww! This design is just cuteness overload!

35. Tiny Ace of Spades Back Tattoo. Very elegant. Will be definitely loved by women.

36. Anubis Head Chest and Stomach Tattoo. The Egyptian animal god looks fierce. For males only!

37. African Woman with an Elephant and a Baobab. This tattoo makes you feel nostalgic about Africa.

38. A Black Woman Surrounded by Flowers. And the writing “Psalm 91:1”. If you’re a devoted Christian you should get this gorgeous tattoo in dark tones!

39. The Crucifixion of Jesus Full Sleeve Tattoo. Another beautiful design for black Christians.

40. A Ferocious Lion and Muhammad Ali Tattoo. He’s so proud he won a fight. We have a winner!

41. Giraffe Arm Tattoo. Look at this animal’s long neck. You can’t help but smile!

42. Trees, Flowers, and a Girl’s Face. This tattoo looks just divine. For romantic ladies.

43. Big Tree with Bright Pink Leaves and the Om Symbol. This full sleeve tattoo is great for big muscle guys!

44. Black Woman with Curly Hair Small Arm Tattoo. Her big earring and the flower in her hair are adorable, too.

45. Eye with Rays of Light Chest Tattoo. It’s tiny and nice-looking. For people who like simple things.

46. Cute Small Forearm Tattoo for Art Lovers. A beautiful eye and the near-touching hands of God and Adam from the famous Michelangelo’s painting. It’s probably mostly for girls, but we can’t see why guys can’t get it!

47. Woman Wearing a Traditional African Headband, a Baobab, and an Elephant. The lady’s also wearing an earring with an African map! This design is worth your attention for sure.

48. Lion with Wings, Windrose, Clock Chest, and Both Full Sleeves Tattoo. Plus another lion wearing a crown. If your boyfriend gets this tattoo, you will never be bored when in bed with him!

49. Blindfolded Woman and a Hand of the Moon Tattoo. Looks spooky. But definitely original!

50. Gun in Garter Thigh Tattoo. Va-va-voom! This design is just super duper sexy!

We’ve shown you some of the best ideas of tattoos on black skin. Without a doubt, you will fall in love with one of these marvelous tattoo designs for African Americans!