Nowadays, Oriental culture is getting more and more popular. Today, we have 50 awesome Buddhist inspired unalome lotus tattoo ideas for you!

1. Lotus Flower, Arrows, Moon Phases, and Geometric Objects. Just beautiful. A perfect forearm tattoo idea for women.

2. Graceful Spine Tattoo. These flowers will look gorgeous on any pretty female’s back!

3. Lotus Flower and a Quote in Sanskrit Back Tattoo. Looks simple and harmonious. Ideal for enlightenment-seeking souls.

4. Waxing Crescent Moon and Two Lotuses. These dots look just super delicate. For elegant ladies only!

5. Lotus Flower and Unalome. This design suits both men and women. It’s great because it’s laconic.

6. Unalome Hand Tattoo. Small unalome with a lotus flower on top on the right hand, unalome with heart, on the left one. Amazing!

7. Big and Small Lotus Flowers Back Tattoo. Another breathtaking spine tattoo. Big quantity of flowers makes it more suitable for girls.

8. Detailed Flower and Unalome. Black and white photos and tattoos are always the best!

9. Small Purple Lotus Forearm Tattoo. It looks so unique! This design is great for romantic women.

10. Lotus, Unalome, and Moon. These big spirals make us think of a long and winding road!

11. Lotus Flower on the Waning Moon. And the foundation for all that is an unalome. It will look awesome on a beautiful lady’s back!

12. Colorful Lotus Forearm Tattoo. A big flower on a thin unalome – so unusual. These colors look fabulous, too!

13. Unalome and Blooming Lotus Tattoo. Those black stripes are very interesting. And the pink petals are incredibly appealing.

14. Gray Lotus Tattoo. It’s not very bright but it looks gorgeous anyway. It will definitely embellish your forearm!

15. Two Waxing Crescent Moons, Unalome, and Lotus. Those sun rays are impressive, too. If you want to look even more attractive to the opposite gender, get this tattoo!

16. Adorable Lotus Flower. Cuteness overload! This design is 100% for girls.

17. Small Lotus, Unalome, and Arrows Tattoo. Looks so unbelievably sweet. This hand tattoo is to die for!

18. Lotus Outline on Top of the Moon and Unalome. It’s simple but at the same time, very eye-catching.

19. Lotus Flower and a Tiny Unalome. It looks very cute. And it can be hidden anytime you need!

20. Lotus and Unalome Leg Tattoo. With this amazing design, you’ll be in the spotlight every summer!

21. Enormous Back Tattoo. Both lotus flower and unalome symbol are so huge. Very attention-grabbing!

22. Lotus on a Big Moon. The flower seems to be floating on the crescent moon like on a boat. Just blazing!

23. Unalome and a Circle with the Moon, Lotus, and Hieroglyphs. Looks gauzy and very nice. For delicate ladies.

24. Black and White Lotus with Big Petals. This tattoo will look great on a girl’s forearm. But it’s also a good design idea for guys.

25. Bright Purple Lotus and Green Unalome. What a colorful leg tattoo! Suits women best.

26. Big Lotus Flower and the Moon on Top. This unalome lotus tattoo is really awesome. Your back will shine bright like a diamond if you get it!

27. Cute Flower Back Tattoo. This flower with yellow dots is so brilliant. For ladies who want to look irresistible!

28. Tiny Lotus and Unalome Chest Tattoo. Women who love dresses or tops with deep cleavages will love also this tattoo!

29. Beautiful Flower with Rhombuses. These geometric shapes look absolutely stunning. If you want something original on your forearm, go get inked!

30. Lotus, Small Pink Flowers, the Moon, and the Sun. Wonderful tattoo! It will look very nice on a lovely girl’s forearm.

31. Cute Dotwork Tattoo. The lotus and the unalome on top: this tattoo is fantastic because it’s minimalist.

32. Two Moons and Lotus Flower. The flower is looking down. What an interesting design, it will look great between your neck and back!

33. Lotus and Unalome Outline Tattoo. So enchanting! For women who like simple things.

34. Sun, Lotus, Moon, and Eye. This design is definitely more suitable for girls than for guys. Looks fun and so girly!

35. Lovable Flower-like Unalome Tattoo. This unalome is so floral. That’s what makes it special!

36. Lotus Flower with Huge Petals Back Tattoo. There are also minuscule flowers on these lotus petals. This tattoo looks so romantic!

37. Moon, Lotus, Unalome, and an Explosion of Colors. These shades of pink, purple, and blue make this tattoo perfect for women!

38. Lotus, Stylized Unalome, and Tiny Stars. The unalome has lots of spirals here. They seem beautiful flowers, which is epic!

39. Aum Symbol, Lotus, and Unalome. If you decided to take the path of enlightenment, you should get this tattoo. It will look magnificent on your forearm!

40. Small Lotus and Unalome Leg Tattoo. You can get one on each leg. Very nice-looking!

41. Two Lotus Flowers and Two Unalomes. One lotus is purple, the other one is blue. These bright colors are just perfection.

42. Lotus Flower and Unalome. Another cute chest tattoo for women! It will look very sexy when you decide to show your cleavage.

43. Bright Flowers and Unalome Tattoo. This design seems a bit messy at first glance, but its charm lies exactly in its asymmetry!

44. Two Lotuses and Many Dots Ornaments. No doubt, this lovable tattoo will look great on a sweet girl’s forearm.

45. Mysterious Lotus and Unalome Tattoo. The way the lotus petals are positioned and the unalome shape is very unusual, which makes this tattoo look pretty supernatural!

46. Gorgeous Flower Neck Tattoo. The moon on top of the lotus has striking looks, too. This delightful design is for women who love sophisticated stuff!

47. Moon and Small Flower on Top of the Lotus. The lotus flower is so amazing that when you look at this tattoo you have an impression you can smell its blossom scent!

48. Dotted Lotus Flower. This unalome is so pretty because it’s particularly waved. Perfect forearm tattoo idea for women.

49. Dots on the Back. This dotted circle and lotus flower design seem to be inspired by kids’ drawings. Nice and simple.

50. Big Lotus Flower Forearm Tattoo. The lotus is really huge compared to the small unalome. Astonishing!

These unalome lotus tattoo ideas are stunning, aren’t they? Their motifs are deeply rooted in the Buddhist culture, they’re beautiful reminders for those who get these tattoos, and for everyone that sees them to start walking towards the enlightenment.